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North American Locations Dedicated to High-Quality Products

Quality products are important for business success. From raw metal inspection to final product inspection, Maysteel fabricates high quality custom metal enclosures, kiosks, racks and cabinets.

Durable Metal Enclosures, Certified Strong

Durable Metal Enclosures, Certified Strong

Strong enough for industrial use for energy storage systems and utility applications, and highly aesthetic for retail kiosks, we manufacture to meet industry standards, and your customer’s standards.

ISO 9001:2015
All five of our North American manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified by ANAB-accredited certification bodies. To earn — and keep — our current ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, we must ensure that our products and services consistently meet our customers’ specifications and that our quality is continuously improved.

When we say we can manufacture durable enclosures we mean we’re UL certified to manufacture enclosures that withstand environmental and situational stressors. Maysteel holds a UL 50 File for Enclosures for Industrial Control Panels, Types 1, 3R and/or 4, Sheet Metal, Double and Single Door.

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NEMA Ratings
Maysteel is experienced in producing enclosures that adhere to strict NEMA 3, 3R and 4 ratings for weather resistant designs. Our design engineers work closely with clients to determine which level of protection is the best fit for their product’s needs.

ANSI Standards
Maysteel offers in-house metal finishing solutions such as custom powder coating that meet ANSI standards

Finishing Standards
Our powdercoat paint technology is designed to last and passes a 1,500-hour salt-spray test. We offer 60 standard quick-change colors as well as custom mix options.

We Never Stop Improving

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