Contactless and self-service technology is becoming increasingly in demand for places like restaurants, retail, hospitals, arenas, airports and other gathering spaces. Maysteel’s in-house custom fabrication capabilities mean we can deliver the right enclosure or kiosk for your product.

 Durable enclosures protect your product — and the people using it

Durable enclosures protect your product — and the people using it

When it comes to safety, there’s no room for compromise. We’re experienced in fabricating custom metal kiosks and enclosures to meet tight specs without sacrificing the look and feel of the final product. That means everything from self-checkout kiosks and ATMs to UV cabinets and contactless temperature scanning kiosks not only last in their environment and function safely, but are appealing for end users.

Maysteel has the experience and knowledge to engineer and manufacture custom kiosks for a variety of industries. When you partner with us for your kiosk you can expect:

  • Faster speed-to-market
  • Fabrication support for changes in demand
  • Supply chain strength and reach
  • Enclosures that meet rigorous standards including NEMA 3R and NEMA 4 ratings
  • Durable enclosures for high traffic use
  • Enclosures that meet your brand and aesthetic standards

North American manufacturing with global fabrication support

The demand for the next generation of kiosks and self-service systems is rapidly increasing. Stay ahead of the competition with improved project logistics and a solid manufacturing strategy for your custom kiosks and cabinets. Our North American fabrication footprint includes Wisconsin, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Mexico — all of which have the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our European manufacturing partners provide additional global support.

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North American manufacturing with global fabrication support

 In-house capabilities improve quality and supply chain control

In-house capabilities improve quality and supply chain control

Our customers can quickly respond to market demands and ramps in production by leveraging our in-house capabilities. These include welding, design engineering, forming, stamping, precision machining, finishing capabilities, integration and assembly.

From outdoor, watertight, NEMA rated enclosures to indoor self-service kiosks for high traffic consumer environments, our proven cabinet durability means proven success for your project.

Our decades of fabrication experience includes working with a variety of materials such as:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Cold Rolled Commercial Quality (CRCQ)
  • Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO)

Experience you can trust

Indoor and outdoor kiosks need to be reliable. Maysteel fabricates kiosks and enclosures that are tamper proof, weather resistant, and we routinely develop enclosures that meet NEMA 3, NEMA 3R or NEMA 4 ratings. Our team has decades of experience building custom enclosures to meet exacting standards and specs, including UL and ANSI standards.

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