For over 30 years our DAMAC product line has been a supplier of tried and true custom data center solutions to the tech sector. We’ve grown alongside the industry and have the expertise and experience to deliver server racks, cabinets and aisle containment solutions you can rely on.

 Data center products engineered for your precise needs

Data center products engineered for your precise needs

When you’re building out a new data center or upgrading an existing site, make sure you’re getting exactly the right hardware for your space now — and in the future. DAMAC racks, cabinets and hot and cold aisle containment systems are highly customizable and designed to evolve as your needs grow.

We engineer and fabricate to meet your project demands utilizing in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities and experience to meet tight specs, cost targets and lead times.

DAMAC custom data center products include:

  • 42U server racks, 45U server racks, 48U server racks and 52U server racks
  • Rack, stack and ship server racks
  • Modular data center structures
  • Hot and cold aisle containment systems

As a North American manufacturer with global partnerships, we offer the peace of mind that comes with having a strong supply chain and access to the materials your project demands. What’s more, our mirrored capabilities across our five facilities keep you close to your customers.

Our engineering library and process allow us to deliver custom server rack solutions in 8-10 weeks

Rack, Stack and Ship Solutions

A pre-populated server rack that fails during transport causes a major setback in your data center build out, and eats up time and money. But failure doesn’t have to happen.

Our pre-populated racks are built using tubular steel construction, and protected from hazards that often cause other racks to fail in transport.

That’s one more reason why we’re trusted by some of the world’s leading tech companies as a data center solutions supplier for their hyperscale builds.

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Rack, Stack and Ship Solutions
Aisle containment solutions for efficient data center cooling

Aisle containment solutions for efficient data center cooling

Get the aisle containment system you need to maximize your data center’s space, increase airflow and enhance your energy savings.

DAMAC above and below aisle containment solutions for:

  • Hot aisle containment
  • Cold aisle containment

All completely customizable and capable of growing with your data center as your needs change.

Aisle Containment

North American fabrication with global fabrication support

Keep your project on schedule with improved project logistics and a solid manufacturing strategy for your data center hardware. Our North American fabrication footprint includes Wisconsin, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Mexico — all of which have the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our European manufacturing partners provide additional global support.

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North American fabrication with global fabrication support
 DAMAC data center structures: A powerfully simple solution

DAMAC data center structures: A powerfully simple solution

Eliminate complex, multi-phase data center buildouts. The DAMAC Structure is a prefabricated system that helps optimize cooling, cabling, power distribution and more, while reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. Its durable tubular steel construction, this proven, turnkey solution provides a flexible, scalable platform for web-scale IT deployments.

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Built to last

We know that server cabinets and racks need to be reliable to protect internal technology. DAMAC is supported by Maysteel’s over 80-year experience in fabricating tamper-proof custom metal cabinets, and routinely develops enclosures that meet NEMA 3, NEMA 3R or NEMA 4 ratings. We have decades of experience building custom enclosures to meet standards and specs, including ANSI standards, NEMA requirements and UL listings.

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