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Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures, Kiosks, Assemblies, Cabinets & more

High Quality Solutions for Unique Industry Needs

High Quality Solutions for Unique Industry Needs

Are you looking for a new fabrication supplier? Let’s talk shop.
Maysteel’s team members, manufacturing footprint and fabrication capabilities are ready to create custom metal solutions for industries that require:

  • Complex metal enclosures
  • High volume/ multi-program product lines
  • Fabrication and powder coat paint under one roof
  • In-house engineering and design support
  • Long-term partnerships

Whether you need an enclosure for battery storage, industrial cabinets, retail or self-checkout kiosks, complex assemblies – or another unique challenge, we’re here to bring your design to the shop floor.

Explore Our Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions

Check out some of our work:

Energy Storage Enclosures & EV Charging Cabinets

Scalable enclosures built to protect renewable energy technology.

Battery Storage Enclosures

Utility Cabinets

Versatile electronic cabinet and utility solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.

Utility & Industrial Enclosure

Self-Service Retail Kiosks

Retail and self checkout kiosks designed to fit your business configurations, branding and demand schedules. 

Self-Service Kiosk & Digital Signage

Telecom Enclosures

Custom NEMA rated telecom enclosures that meet aesthetic requirements without sacrificing durability.

Telecom Cabinets and Enclosures

Custom Server Racks

Rack, stack, and ship server racks that protect servers and valuable equipment.

Server Racks

Industrial Cabinets

Cabinets that are built strong for security and tamper-resistance.

Utility & Industrial Enclosure

Safe & Security Enclosures

Theft and tamper-resistant security enclosures for in

Security & Enclosures

Outdoor Retail & Vending Units

Durable outdoor retail kiosks that are custom branded and built for outdoor deployment.

Self-Service Kiosk & Digital Signage

Don’t see the product you’re looking for? Contact our team to get started on your project.

Overcoming Common Manufacturing Challenges

Overcoming Common Manufacturing Challenges

Every project faces unique challenges, and that’s why we’re not just sheet metal fabricators. Our engineers and operations team members are problem solvers with a passion for finding creative solutions to everyday challenges you may face including:

  • Supporting global and local operations
  • Streamlining supply chain needs and improving
    supply chain control
  • Optimizing designs to improve manufacturability
  • Lowering overall production costs
  • Scaling products for size and demand
  • Fabricating durable solutions for outdoor
    environments and harsh conditions
  • Adhering to custom branding requirements

Are you searching for a custom solution to one or more of these challenges? Look no further. Connect with our team to tell us about your project aspirations and see how Maysteel can make them a reality.

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