Increase efficiency on your high-volume runs and high-part capacity orders with our metal forming and metal punching processes.

Maysteel’s in-house forming and punching capabilities, skills and our deep expertise deliver high-quality parts for your custom energy storage enclosures, self-service kiosks, server racks and more.

Our five North American locations have state-of-the-art:

  • CNC punch presses
  • Fiber lasers
  • Press brakes and more.

In addition to our equipment, our hands-on engineers and operations team have a keen understanding of how to fabricate to your drawings and specs.

Sheet Metal Forming

Properly forming your custom metal product requires a deep understanding of how different metals respond to being formed into different shapes and tolerances to meet your product’s requirements.

Our engineers have years of experience working with different metals and know how best to deploy them in your product following Design for Manufacturing principles. They know how much force is needed in the metal forming process to ensure your design is created to meet your quality standards for performance and aesthetics.

Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet Metal Punching

For your repeatable and high part capacity orders, our hard-tool, punch press technology is ideal.

When our clients need prototyping, new product turnaround for low volume design and concept orders, we leverage our soft-tool capabilities. This includes our soft-tool library of nearly 5,000 tool options including CNC machining and laser fabrication, which improves customer lead time and reduces cost.

Sheet Metal Punching

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