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3-D Printing in the Manufacturing World

We here at Maysteel will always be in the metal manufacturing business, but we are closely watching what is happening in the world of 3-D printing in the additive manufacturing world. 3-D Printing Fo…

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The Evolving World of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication has a centuries old history. We know humans began working with metal nearly 9,000 years BEFORE Jesus. In fact, the earliest known metal mining operation dates back to a copper pendan…

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Metal Airplanes and the EAA

Thousands of people will fly into Oshkosh at the end of July for the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure. This week, Kettle Moraine EAA Chapter 1158 will host “Air Camp” in preparation…

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The Importance of Long Term Business Relationships

In all business environments, developing and maintaining relationships is important for survival. We are not only talking about customer relationships, but also vendors and suppliers as well as our ow…

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Investment Group Acquires Maysteel Industries

For Immediate Release Contact: Chris Tofalli Chris Tofalli Public Relations LLC 914-834-4334 Littlejohn Capital Announces Acquisition of Maysteel Industries SAVANNAH, GA, April 25, 2017 – LJC Investm…

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National Welding Month

Those of us involved in metal forming on a daily basis often take for granted the history of how we got to where we are; taking pieces of metal and forming them into the shapes we need was a huge step…

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Recruiting Talent in Manufacturing

By 2025, manufacturers in the United States will need to fill 3.5 million jobs but will only be able to fill about 1.5 million. The reason: the lack of skilled workers and the difficulty getting the y…

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(West Bend, WI) – Maysteel Industries LLC supports Allenton and the surrounding communities through investments in education programs in manufacturing, as well as local safety net programs. In an effo…

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A Time for Giving

The United Way of Washington County does so much for our community, it would be hard to fit all the good work on one page! Maysteel is proud to be part of a fundraising event for the United Way of Wa…

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Maysteel Industries Selected 2015 Supplier Year Coca Cola Freestyle Supplier Day

August 18, 2016, Allenton, WI – Recently, Maysteel Industries LLC was invited to participate at the inaugural Coca-Cola Freestyle Supplier Day. This annual event, sponsored by Coca-Cola Freestyle and…

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EAA Air Camp Sponsored Maysteel Industries Wraps 2016

August 3, 2016, Allenton, WI – For the sixth year in a row, Maysteel Industries LLC sponsored and participated in the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Air Camp. Founded in 1999 by a retired West Be…

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Anniversary Celebration Plans Maysteel Industries

June 13, 2016, Allenton, WI – July 2016 marks the 80th anniversary of Maysteel! Founded in Mayville, WI in 1936 by veteran sheet metal salesman Lyman MacIntosh, the Maysteel story has its humble begin…

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