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Saving Money and Time with Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability (DFM), when creating a part for a specific function, is a science and an art. It’s more than just a nightmare for an engineer to hear there is a flaw in the design AFTER m…

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A Stronger Community Starts With Empowering The Community

We believe a strong community is what keeps the community growing. This is why our employees choose to become involved in the United Way of Washington County yearly campaign. We also decide where to p…

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$50,000 Donated by Maysteel to Support Educational and Community Programs

In the past four years, Maysteel Industries, LLC has donated more than $200,000 to our surrounding community with that money supporting educational programs in manufacturing, as well as local safety n…

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Maysteel’s Community Investment

All of us at Maysteel realize our success is built on much more than the custom metal enclosures we create for all of our clients. Our success is based on our workers and the community we live in and…

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Maysteel Industries, LLC Acquires DAMAC Products, LLC

Maysteel Industries, LLC (“Maysteel”), a leading manufacturer of custom, precision, OEM sheet metal enclosures, electrical cabinets and metal fabricated assemblies, announced today the acquisition of…

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Look Ahead: Manufacturing in 2018

US Manufacturing saw large growth in 2017 and a survey completed by manufacturers and supply chain management groups shows 2018 will be no different. The question for many of us is this: while demand…

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United For Good with the United Way

We are in the midst of the yearly campaign for the United Way of Washington County. As part of the “United Force For Good”, Maysteel is proud to raise funds to help our community. The United Way of Wa…

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Wisconsin Manufacturing Month

Wisconsin has a rich manufacturing history and it continues to grow across the state and change as new technologies move all of us forward. We are celebrating Wisconsin Manufacturing Month with Wiscon…

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Plant Safety and Security for Our Workers

In 2016, Maysteel in Mexico signed-up for a voluntary safety program with the Mexican government. The program, the “Occupational Safety and Health Self-Management Program”known as “PASST” in Mexico, c…

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3-D Printing in the Manufacturing World

We here at Maysteel will always be in the metal manufacturing business, but we are closely watching what is happening in the world of 3-D printing in the additive manufacturing world. 3-D Printing Fo…

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The Evolving World of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication has a centuries old history. We know humans began working with metal nearly 9,000 years BEFORE Jesus. In fact, the earliest known metal mining operation dates back to a copper pendan…

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Metal Airplanes and the EAA

Thousands of people will fly into Oshkosh at the end of July for the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure. This week, Kettle Moraine EAA Chapter 1158 will host “Air Camp” in preparation…

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