Building a Winning Team: Gaining Momentum in the Fabrication World

All of us in manufacturing know the difficulties the last decade brought to our industries. Weathering the storm of the “Great Recession” wasn’t an easy path, but we did it here at Maysteel and much of our success and now growth comes down to a simple idea: “Winning breeds winning.”

Winning Breeds Winning

In a recent article in “The Fabricator”, Maysteel CEO Kevin Matkin used this phrase to describe the current culture here at Maysteel. It is a culture that starts from the top and transfers down to the factory floor. He arrived as the Vice President of Operations in 2010, and before making any decisions, Matkin started with the basics. He listened.

He listened to customers and employees and took what he heard to help return Maysteel to the competitive force it is today. We brought stamping back to our factories because we excel in it and our customers saw a great deal of value having it in-house. We refocused our efforts in the Tech Center, our “factory within a factory”, and used it to better collaborate our customers. We listened to our engineers and sharpened our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) skills. We sat with our customers, listened to their pain points and worked with them to create their ideal product solutions. And Maysteel team members, from the engineers to welders to the assembly line and shipping, everyone played a part in making our customer’s idea through product delivery efficient.

As noted in The Fabricator, “These steps outline a sheet metal design process that Matkin said is Maysteel’s strength, which provided the anchor for the postrecession (sic) rebound. Such prototyping and DFM services aren’t unique, though the process may be carried out differently elsewhere. Beyond financial constraints, there’s nothing legally stopping competitors from buying identical or similar machinery and software. But it’s impossible to copy the talent and how that talent works together. And it’s even harder to duplicate if the talent and culture are spread across the continent.”

Maysteel’s Future Growth

With our acquisition of DAMAC, we are expanding our fabrication efforts across more of North America but also into Europe to provide our customers with a local supplier on a global scale. Our custom sheet metal enclosure experience in our focal industries coincides perfectly with the needs of data center operations, and we are excited to collaborate with the DAMAC culture to help breed more success for our customers.

When you have a winning positive attitude, work ethic and culture in your business, you can get people to believe all things are possible. We are again working from a position of strength and are confident in our abilities to not only grow our company, but to help our customers grow there’s. Are you ready to start winning with your company? Do you want to see what Maysteel can do for you?

Watch our video below that takes a deeper dive into the Maysteel Culture. This is what “Ideas Made in Metal” is all about!

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