The Benefits of Custom Server Racks

Data centers are highly complex and dynamic spaces that increasingly require custom infrastructure and equipment. These pieces can be housed in standard server racks and cabinets, but doing so often leads to “solutions” created on the fly that are less than ideal. It’s a little like putting a stack of napkins under a wiggly table, except in this case the wiggly table is actually “very expensive equipment housing massively important data.”. 

With that much at stake, more data center managers are opting for custom rack solutions to support their other highly customized tech.

Data center cabinets and racks that are customized to your equipment ensures you won’t have to come up with workarounds that may or may not actually work as well as you need them to. 

Efficiency, scalability & cost savings

The benefits of custom server racks go beyond giving the right support to data center equipment. They can also impact the facility’s efficiency and operational costs. A data center with standard server racks may not be making the best use of its space. 

Custom data center racks can help streamline your layout and help you make the most of your footprint because they are designed specifically for your facility. With custom server racks, equipment doesn’t almost fit in a data center. It actually fits, exactly and precisely as you need it to with no wasted space. 

Think back to those workarounds we mentioned. They take time to come up with. They’re frustrating. And what happens when your data center needs change? 

Server racks that support custom infrastructure designs go beyond specifications that drive traditional industry-standard designs. A custom rack solution streamlines installation, moves, adds and changes, reducing costs and enabling a faster time-to-value of the technology. 

Custom racks and cabinets also allow for greater efficiencies in:

  • Equipment access
  • Cabling management
  • Airflow 

These efficiencies can contribute to cutting operational expenses and cooling costs. In short: a custom rack can deliver higher value through the continued Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings across the product’s lifespan.

Custom racks reduce waste

Along with supporting infrastructure requirements, server rack customization can also have a positive impact on the cost of the product, as well as a company’s “green” initiatives. 

Generic cabinets typically ship with parts that may not be used in a particular data center build-out. That means as a customer you’re paying for parts you don’t need that will wind up sitting on a shelf. 

By contrast, a custom rack only includes necessary components, which saves money and conserves environmental resources.

Maysteel Custom Fabrication Solutions

Customization is becoming standard

The technology housed within data center racks is dramatically changing as more organizations begin to design and build their own servers and data center equipment. Server racks that can handle the weight requirements, security protocols, airflow and cooling demands, and other highly specific needs of each data center are more often than not going to need to be customized. 

As the tech industry evolves, having custom-built equipment to support your IT infrastructure is key to ensuring your data center can evolve right along with it.


Let’s talk about customizing your data center’s server racks or aisle containment systems?

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