Metal Airplanes and the EAA

Thousands of people will fly into Oshkosh at the end of July for the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure. This week, Kettle Moraine EAA Chapter 1158 will host “Air Camp” in preparation for the EAA AirVenture and Maysteel will be there for an exciting event we help with every year:  The Sheet Metal Project Build.

Teaching the Power of Metal to Students

Maysteel’s Bob Kuenzi and Bill Leninger will work with 16 students on June 21st for the Sheet Metal Project Build. For the first time ever, all 16 students will build and take home an aluminum wing section! The students will have 4.5 hours to build a metal wing. In the past, only one or two of the students could get their wings built and able to be taken home. This year, with help from “Olympic Steel”, one of our raw material suppliers, we are able to provide all the necessary materials and have been working on improving techniques and processes so all the students can accomplish the goal in the allotted time! Students will also have the chance to create their own Maysteel keychain.

Part of Something Bigger

Maysteel is a proud sponsor or Air Camp. Each year, students from around the area spend a week with Kettle Morraine EAA Chapter 1158  at the West Bend Airport and get the chance to learn how to fly planes, helicopters and gliders as well as learn what it takes to keep the machinery in the air.

Learn more about Air Camp and maybe talk to your kids about signing up for next year. It’s a worthwhile experience!

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