Plant Safety and Security for Our Workers

Maysteel_Welding_SafetyIn 2016, Maysteel in Mexico signed-up for a voluntary safety program with the Mexican government. The program, the “Occupational Safety and Health Self-Management Program”known as “PASST” in Mexico, calls on employers in all industries to promote safe job sites and the health of their employees. The Mexican government recently sent a letter to our plant in Monterrey letting us know that we will be given the Safety Industry Award for our efforts.

Requirements for the Safety Industry Award

In the last 12 months, everyone in our southern plant has worked hard to meet the requirements for the PASST project. During the year, auditors from the Mexican Ministry of Labor and Social Security visited the Maysteel plant on several occasions to see how we were making the plant safer as well as helping workers stay safe and remain healthy. The PASST program requires businesses to implement a series of changes in the workplace that complies with not only national standards but also international standards. Many of the changes had to do with accident prevention as well as creating better workplace quality areas for our workers. By agreeing to these standards, we are able to keep our workers safe and healthy but also ensure to our customers that we care about our workers. Here at Maysteel, we want our employees to be healthy while working inside the plant so they can be healthy when they leave to go home to their families.

Passing the Safety and Security Program

After the final audit, the Secretary of Labor informed us that Maysteel received a 98.2% rating for the PASST program. To get a passing grade, we needed to hit 85% in all the requirements throughout the year. While this program is done on a voluntary basis, all of us at Maysteel feel it is in our best interest as well as the interests of our workers everywhere to make sure our workspace is safe and our workers remain healthy.

We are very proud of Maysteel in Mexico for working hard for this award and for committing to a safe and secure workplace environment!

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