Maysteel Industries, LLC Community Investment Continues With Kewaskum High School Donation

December 17, 2015, Allenton, WI – In a continuing effort to support local educators by investing in programs that develop needed manufacturing skills, Maysteel Industries, LLC presented administrators at Kewaskum High School with a donation totaling $20,000.

According to Patrick Moerchen, a teacher in the Technology and Engineering Education program at KHS, the donation will be used to upgrade the high school Computer-Aided Architecture (CAA) software and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software at both the high school and middle school. These upgrades will enhance the Mechanical Design, Engineering, and Tool & Die programs at both schools. An upgraded CAD Plotter will also be added that can be shared among multiple groups. Additional funds will be used to enhance their existing Haas CNC Mill and provide upgraded Vex Robotics kits for the Electricity & Electronics program taught by Bryan Puls.

When asked about the impact of this partnership, Moerchen stated that, “Support through business partnerships allows students to meet and speak with leaders of modern manufacturing facilities. In a lot of cases they also get to tour the facilities and learn directly from industry experts. This allows them to make informed decisions about advanced education, training and employment opportunities right in our area.”

Maysteel selected the KHS program in part because of a relationship built through the Washington County Workforce Alliance with District Superintendent James Smasal. After discussion with Smasal, Maysteel was confident that the donation would be highly impactful to the KHS Technology and Engineering Education programs. This confidence was further strengthened by the positive experience Maysteel had with KHS students during their 2015 Summer Engineering Internship program.

Maysteel’s Production Manager in Allenton, Steve Guzewski, summed up his thoughts on the selection by saying, “When we went on a KHS tour last year, we were impressed with how well the teachers prepped their students for the next level.” He added, “I could also feel the pride they had in their community. We were shown some of the projects from students where proceeds from the sale went to the food pantry across the street! In today’s world it was refreshing to see old fashioned principles and values still being stressed. These values actually carry over well for the type of employee we are looking for at Maysteel.”

Moerchen summed up the collective reaction from KHS administration by saying, “Given the rapid evolution of technology in modern manufacturing, it is difficult, if not impossible, for technology educators to keep pace. High school Technology and Engineering programs are greatly enhanced by the financial support they receive from Wisconsin manufacturing companies. This generous donation from Maysteel Industries will go a long way towards keeping our teaching opportunities current and meaningful to the 21st century learner.”

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