Maysteel Donates To Slinger High School Metals Program

West Bend Daily News 12/23/2014, Page A02

The metals program at Slinger High School will purchase equipment offering the latest technology in the classroom thanks to a $20,000 donation Monday from Maysteel LLC. Maysteel officials said they are making the donation to help the school continue to offer state-of-the-art training in sheet metal fabrication.

"We are impressed that Slinger High School has really taken the technical education program much farther than we had previously understood," said Darci Boettcher, Maysteel human resources generalist. “The tactical skills in various disciplines, including sheet metal fabrication are definitely pronounced, but the leap Slinger is making by introducing the general business concepts around lean methodologies, profitability, ect., is just as impressive.”

Slinger School Superintendant Daren Sievers said the contribution came about because of the involvement of the school and Maysteel in a countywide workforce development effort. “Students from our school and other schools as well, have been taking tours of various industries in the county in an effort to show students the jobs available in the area that need these types of skills,” Sievers said.

“The students are able to see there are good paying jobs available that offer good careers without having to move out of the area. We’ll be able to purchase equipment that will help our students even more in learning about metal fabrication.”

Sievers said leaders of the businesses and industries involved in the Workforce Development Program also have been taking tours of various area high schools, including Slinger High School, to see what they are doing to train and educate students in order to increase their interest in possible tech ed trained careers in local businesses and industry.”

Aaron Pokrzywa’s metals classes at SHS completed two projects for West Bend’s annual Enchantment in the Park, building 20 aluminum candy canes to be decorated with holiday lights.

“Out (sic) metals students are usually working welding steel so this is something different and important to learn – welding aluminum,” Pokrzywa said.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to make this donation and partner with Slinger High School to foster the education of fabrication and business skills within the local community,” Boettcher said.

Joe Vandelaarschot/Daily News

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