Maysteel’s Community Investment

All of us at Maysteel realize our success is built on much more than the custom metal enclosures we create for all of our clients. Our success is based on our workers and the community we live in and how we support the community we call home. This is why we look to re-invest in our community each year through programs such as the United Way of Washington County as well as other groups in the are

For many years now, we have heavily promoted our work with the United Way of Washington County in an effort to get everyone involved, not only within our company but in the community as well. All the programs supported by the United Way benefit each of us in some way, even if we aren’t directly connected to the organizations that receive our support. Just take a look at all the nonprofit agency partners who rely on help from the United Way and you will see a group that has had an impact someone’s life, even someone you know such as a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. Last year, the UWoWC raised a record breaking $1.4 million dollars from their yearly campaign and we are anxious to hear if they will break that record with the 2017 campaign!

Recently, we donated $20,000 to the Hartford Union High School Tech Engineering Education Department (TEE). The TEE Department offers hands-on training and experience for students looking to move into engineering and manufacturing jobs. With the developing technology in today’s world, education within schools needs to continue to develop. After touring the HUHS TEE Department, we knew they could use the donation to help push local students into rewarding careers in our type of industry.

As we begin 2018, we challenge all businesses in our area to do what they can to ensure bright futures for our children, our neighbors, and to keep our larger community moving forward together.

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