Maysteel Industries, LLC Launches Polycarbonate Germ Guard

Maysteel’s transparent polycarbonate Germ Guard barrier is ideal for retail environments, point of sale locations, commercial locations, and high traffic areas to help protect employees and customers

Maysteel Industries, LLC ("Maysteel"), a complex sheet metal fabricator headquartered in Wisconsin, announced the launch of their polycarbonate Germ Guard accessory line to help prevent the spread of illness and encourage social distancing practices. The Germ Guard is different than many solutions on the market, as it is manufactured with transparent polycarbonate panels that enable the design to be flexible, durable and lightweight. The Germ Guard can be shipped UPS standard and is easily installed by employees. The barrier promotes a clean and safe environment for customers and employees while maintaining high heat, chemical and impact resistance.

“Our customers are looking for solutions to help protect people in essential businesses, and in cities that are beginning to lift stay-at-home orders,” said Don Lawinger EVP at Maysteel. “We developed the Germ Guard as another layer of protection so people can feel more confident about returning to retail locations, commercial sites, and other high-traffic areas.”

Maysteel's Germ Guard barrier is available in both mobile and floor-mounted versions to support temporary and permanent installations. As a custom fabricator, Maysteel designed the Germ Guards to be customizable and configurable for end-user and branding needs, including incorporating specific brand colors on the supports. Maysteel’s design engineers can assess a location’s or application’s unique needs and recommend a customized solution. The versatile Germ Guard is manufactured in the U.S., so even the more complex configurations can be developed and delivered quickly.

“The Germ Guard barrier is meant to be used in a variety of locations, from retail counters to self-service kiosks, or airports and train stations,” Lawinger explained. “Maysteel has always been driven by customer-focused innovation. We’re proud that our newest development will provide our customers and their clients with an extra safeguard and peace-of-mind.”

For more information on Maysteel’s Germ Guard: Click here

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