April is National Welding Month

Did you know that April is National Welding Month? Since 1996 National Welding Month, started by the American Welding Society (AWS), is an opportunity to celebrate the welding trade and to create awareness of the job opportunities within the field

At Maysteel, we have over 80 talented men and women in the welding industry who play a critical role in delivering on both quality and safety. Few people know that welders play an integral role in objects they see and interact with every day. Welders are critical to American products and industries. From our daily transportation to our buildings and homes, welding touches what we ride in, work in, live in, watch and use.

How do you become a successful welder?

Welding is both an art and a science that combines trade skills with technology. When becoming a welder, most begin with a high school diploma or equivalent. From there, a future welder can continue their path with on-the-job training, apprenticeships or additional educational training at technical colleges. At Maysteel, we take a unique approach to apprenticeships and allow students to choose which area(s) they would like to specialize in. Many companies, including Maysteel, also offer tuition reimbursement programs that allow students to receive real-world experience and have all or a portion of their technical school training paid for.

Welders can also advance their careers through additional certifications. For example, many Maysteel welders have received certifications through the AWS. Certifications are a fantastic way to complement real-world learning and experience and help welders accelerate their career path.

What is the job outlook for welders?

The AWS shared that by 2023, we will experience a welder deficit of almost 375,000 welders. This shortage will leave a great deal of opportunity for those looking to enter the trade. The industry is also introducing new methodologies and technology, which will leave room for specialization and new positions as well.

Maysteel’s team of welders

We provide custom sheet metal solutions to a wide variety of industries, and we couldn’t do it without our talented welding team members! Our welders help bring to life the next generation of technology from their role in prototyping to finished product. Their expertise ensures that our customers’ sheet metal products are not only durable but also that they withstand threats such as rain and harsh weather and ensure the units are secure. Our welders excel in sharing knowledge and complement each other’s strengths and expertise to provide comprehensive, creative and quality solutions to issues our customers may face. We are thankful for our welders and celebrate their talents, skill and teamwork.

National Welding Month - April  

How can you support National Welding Month?

The AWS wrote a fantastic article on "5 Ways to Celebrate National Welding Month." Their list included:

  1. Introduce someone to welding
  2. Thank a welder
  3. Share on social media
  4. Volunteer
  5. Talk shop

One way we celebrate is by sharing welding with the next generation of potential manufacturing professionals. We have done this in a variety of ways, including donating weld jackets to local high schools and, most recently, by donating metal templates for high school students to use to practice their welding skills. We believe it is part of our duty as a modern-day manufacturer to pass on our knowledge and bring awareness to manufacturing processes and professions.

How are you celebrating National Welding Month and the welding profession? AWS said it best when they wrote: "
National Welding Month is a celebration and there are many ways to observe it. The main goal is to raise awareness of this critical trade and appreciate those individuals who too often go unrecognized."

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