Metal Medical Cabinets

The priorities for medical professionals in terms of metal medical cabinets are security and efficiency. There are many challenges for the medical industry when it comes to storage as well as medical disposal and proper medical ventilation of the medical products not to mention dealing with medical contaminants that need to be contained and away from medical supplies.

Maysteel Engineers understand the challenges and will work with our clients to relieve the pressure of creating metal medical cabinets that meet all the necessary standards while holding down cost and getting them to the market in a timely fashion.  We know how to actually provide complex, quality metal medical cabinets while meeting regulatory requirements, cutting costs and expediting time to market.

We can work with many medical device companies to manufacture effective hospital and clinic metal medical cabinets.

Maysteel Engineers will design metal medical cabinets that not only ensure medical contaminants are contained and offer the proper medical ventilation but also make the job easier for the staff. We will create metal medical cabinets that can maximize storage and ensure all the medical products you need are readily available as well as secure.

Maysteel’s metal medical cabinets solutions:

  • Fit even the most demanding safety guidelines.
  • Are flexible to fit high and low mix volume
  • Provide high levels of aesthetics
  • Finishing technologies meet UL certifications and ANSI standards, pass the SCAB test and the 1500-hour salt spray test

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