Industrial Drives and Automation

Industrial cabinets used to house power generating and distribution equipment need to meet important standards in order to keep functioning. We are talking about the basic enclosures that provide electricity to homes and businesses. Maysteel engineers custom electrical, drive and automation cabinets that not only meet the National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) requirements, but also are customized entirely for our customers’ different needs.

Drive and automation cabinets need to resist certain environmental situations.

metal utility cabinet
Our design engineers provide high-quality solutions for industrial cabinets intended for use with electrical equipment and associated products. Environmental protection is key for custom electrical cabinets.

Businesses who need industrial cabinets also need a manufacturer who can handle high to low production volumes. Maysteel’s custom, NEMA-rated enclosures meet these demanding requirements and provide high-quality solutions. Using robust finishing processes, they are designed to withstand the extremes. Following NEMA standards allows us to manufacture high-quality industrial cabinets for our customers that are safe and reliable.

Maysteel’s drive and automation cabinet solutions:

  • Meet high to low production volumes
  • Can be powder coated for products measuring up to 24 ft. L x 10 ft. H x 8 ft. D.
  • Stem from customizable solutions that match the appropriate NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) ratings
  • Finishing technologies meet UL certifications and ANSI standards, pass the SCAB test and the 1500-hour salt spray test

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