Stand-alone Design Engineering Services

You can have a great idea that you need made in metal, but getting that idea to come to life is going to require some help from an experienced design engineering team.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Design engineering of custom enclosures is based on Einstein’s belief; you can imagine something grand but you’ll need to turn that “something” into reality and if you can’t, there’s a design engineer that can! We have 30 skilled members in our design engineering team here at Maysteel who understand the metal manufacturing process needed to create custom enclosures.

Our metal manufacturing process relies on the principles of design for manufacturability (DFM).

Our design engineering team is focused on optimizing each project for manufacturing and assembly in a manner that reduces total project cost and keeps future costs down. Learn more about the design engineering process and how we use Design for Manufacturability standards in one of our case studies.

Something we pride ourselves on here at Maysteel is our Innovation Center; a factory within our factory that allows our design engineering team to refine every stage of the metal manufacturing process ensuring your custom enclosure is best designed for the production stage. The Innovation Center helps keep the design engineering process moving seamlessly from concept to execution. Our goal is always to design your custom enclosure within the parameters set and even reduce costs to the customer.

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The evive Station™ from CAD Model to Metal

The evive Station™ is a free innovative solution to support sustainability efforts. The stations clean, sanitize and fill reusable bottles with filtered water (
Click the thumbnails below to see the evolution from the CAD model to the finished evive Station™
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evive Station™ CAD Model
evive Station™ CAD Model
Completed evive Station™
Completed evive Station™